The Wrong Key

F 7 Key

       I now know not to touch the F 7 key.


I have had my new laptop for four months now, and I am more comfortable with using it than I was when I first got it.

But I still have plenty to learn about my laptop. It is not possible to learn everything about a computer because they are always changing, but I am enjoying the process of learning whatever I can about my computer.

Included in this process is the keyboard-I was looking it over recently, pressing some of the keys on the top row to see what they do-when I noticed the key with an icon of a tiny airplane on it. Well, I then became curious about it so I pressed the key to see what it did. Nothing happened (or so I thought) so I went to check something on a website.

And it was then that I found out what purpose of the airplane key was. When I tried to get into the website all I got instead was a message on the screen telling me that I had not Internet or Wi-Fi connection. And I also noticed an airplane symbol on the lower right screen had taken the place of the Wi-Fi symbol.

What happened was when I pressed the airplane key, I put my laptop in “airplane mode,” which resulted in my computer being disconnected from the Wi-Fi and Internet. And for those of you who are clueless about tech jargon (like me) “airplane mode” is a setting on various devices which prevents the devices from sending or receiving anything via Wi-Fi or Internet. This is necessary when traveling on an airplane so that the device will not interfere with air traffic frequencies.

Now I do not remember exactly how I got my laptop connected to my Wi-Fi and Internet, but I was able to do so after a few minutes. And in the future I will not touch anything on my keyboard that I am not familiar with.

But I also have a Savior with whom I am very familiar. He is Jesus, and with Him I always have the right faith. Jesus is the key to God, and as we are told in Galatians 3:26: “You are all sons of God through faith in Christ Jesus.”

Thank You, Jesus, for keeping me in Christian mode.


  *   *   *


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A Sad Update




I have an update to my “Praying Is Saying” post from this past February, and I am sorry to say that I do not have good news.

The lady whom I wrote about in “Praying is Saying” passed away. Her name was Cindy, and her is a shock because she seemed to be doing better. She was in remission, and it looked as if she was going to continue with this; but she developed a complication and died shortly afterward.

This is a sad time for all of us who knew Cindy. In addition to her husband and two children and the rest of her family she had many friends and co-workers who also loved her. I did not know her too well outside of church, but we were always friendly with each other when we were at church together.

Cindy was great at her job as a paraprofessional and reading specialist at an elementary school in our area. She was very popular with the students and their parents. In fact, her school district was all set to surprise her with a special award, but she passed away before they could present it to her. The award was instead given to her husband and children when they were at the funeral home for Cindy’s visitation.

Another one of Cindy’s talents was her beautiful singing voice. She often sang at our Sunday services, and I am thankful that she had a way of using this talent and sharing it with the rest of us in the congregation. I have complimented her several times on her singing and encouraged her, which she really appreciated.

It will take time for me to get used to not seeing Cindy at church every Sunday. And I am sad that all of us at church will no longer have the pleasure of hearing her sing. But I know that she is in her Heavenly home, where she is singing with the Lord.


   *    *    *


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His Precious Feet


Precious Feet

My feet fit me just fine.


If my feet had an odometer, there would be more mileage on it than the odometer could possibly measure. I have walked, ran, and stood on these precious feet for 61 years, and except for some arthritis pain, they are still functioning and doing their job.

This has me thinking about Jesus and His feet, which He used as He walked around innumerable places to carry out His ministry.

He also used His feet to climb up a mountainside and share a group of His valuable teachings that came to be known as The Sermon on The Mount (Matthew 5:1 through Matthew 7:29). These teachings include the Beatitudes; lessons about giving to the needy; not worrying; and building up our spiritual treasures instead of material ones.

If I had to pick just one teaching from this priceless sermon to mediate on and put into practice it would be Matthew 6:25-34. This teaching covers worry and how to deal with it. And verse 34 is a reminder to “…not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.”

But reading anything in the Bible can give us “spiritual feet” if we make the effort to follow God’s words. And these are feet that will not wear out; they will only get stronger as we continue on the pathway of God’s precious words.


  *   *   *




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Praying is Saying

Neon Praying Hands

  Photo Credit: Chris Liverani at Upsplash

Recently a woman at my church was diagnosed with a serious illness. Her family created a page on where her husband provides updates on her treatment and condition; and there are also sections where we can write comments or words of encouragement.

When I visited this page I let her and her family know that they are in my prayers. But when I went to write something in the blog section I was at a loss for words. At first I was annoyed; I am a writer with a blog and two journals and yet I could not figure out what to write that day.

But then I came to realize that writing for this special blog is different than writing for my own blog. The blog is for sharing our prayers, encouragements, and words of comfort with this woman and her family. When we pray in regard to this situation-whether in private or with her and the family-we are saying something through our prayers.

And unlike with my blog, there is no place to click on “like”at the blog at What matters instead is that when the family reads their blog they will know that all of us-their family, friends, and co-workers –want to do all we can to support them.

It is a blessing for me to be involved with this support and prayer team; it is also a blessing that we have the best coach ever: God. After all, as we are told in Romans 8: 31, “If God is for us, who can be against us?”


  *   *   *



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The Blessing Lamp


The desk lamp in the above photo probably does not look like anything special to you. But it is special to me because, in addition to providing the light I need when I am using my computer, it also represents the kindness of a stranger.

I recently went to Walmart to look for a desk lamp to replace my previous lamp which no longer works. I saw the one in the photo and felt that this was the one God was leading me to purchase. So when I was in the checkout line and went to pay for the lamp I could not figure out why the cashier was also ringing up the items of the person behind me in the line. I started to tell the cashier that I was buying only the lamp, and it was then that the cashier told me that this person offered to pay for my lamp as well as her own items.

I was both surprised and excited. I thanked the lady, and I also thanked God. It was a pleasure for me to be able save the $16.00 that I would have had to pay for the lamp. But best of all was the blessing of my being on the receiving end of the kindness of someone I did not know and will probably never see again.

Perhaps being a blessing to me gave this lady a sense of satisfaction. I know, however, that God was also pleased to see this kindness. In Jeremiah 9:24 He tells us that “…I am the LORD, who exercises kindness, justice, and righteousness on earth, for in these things I delight….”

And how much more would God be delighted if all of us increased our efforts to pay kindness forward with each other. Let us all remember that kindness will never burn out; it can continue to shine and blossom.


  *   *   *






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The Gift of the Snail



Photo Credit: Emojipedia


Most of us are familiar with the phrase “at a snail’s pace,” which means extremely slowly. In fact, snails can only crawl, and they are one of the slowest creatures on the Earth.

It would be great if people could slow down in all areas of their life. And I include myself because until this past May I moved at a pace that was more like a race car at the Indianapolis 500.

What made me suddenly put on my brakes was a diagnosis of Adult-Onset Asthma. My doctor gave me some articles to read in regard to Asthma, and one of them had a list of things to do to keep it under control. Included on this list was something that I had not done much: moving at a slower pace.

As I think about the rapid pace I used to move at, I wonder how I ever survived it. No matter what I was doing-whether it was something that I needed to do or something for fun-I felt that I had to hurry so that I could get on to the next thing. I hated the thought of slowing down or just sitting still when I had things to do.

And as a result of my always moving at a fast pace I developed a habit that was dangerous not only to me and my health but also to other people: I had road rage brewing inside of me. If I was driving and something slowed me down-i.e. a red light or a slow driver in front of me-I would really let loose. I confess that I swore at other drivers and just go crazy with rage (which was not consistent with my being a Christian).

I also used to race up and down the stairs in the building where I live. But, again, this racing did not get me anywhere or my errands finished any quicker. It only would have resulted in me having to go to the Emergency Room had I fallen down the stairs-which, thank God, never happened.

But, after I started correcting my habit of hurrying, I felt a sense of peace that I had never felt before. I found myself enjoying whatever it was that I was doing, even it was a routine chore or errand. And it sure feels good to have that “hurry burden” lifted from me.

However, just like with the other bad habits that I am correcting, there are times when I get a setback. But at least now I am able to catch myself. And when I do find that I am starting to hurry again, I focus on a short poem that I wrote: “Go at an easy pace; you are not in a race.” And I also like to visualize Jesus sitting or standing next to me with His gentle hands on my shoulder and allowing His peace and patience to flow from Him to me.

All of this ties in with my favorite Bible verse, which is Matthew 11:28, where Jesus tells us to, “Come to me, all of you are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” I am so blessed that I can turn to Jesus to get my rest when I find myself going in all directions both physically and mentally. He is the “stop sign” that I am always glad to see.


*   *   *



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Who Was He?


Photo Credit: Unknown

My brother found the above photo when he was removing some plaster from his kitchen. The name of both the photographer and the soldier-who were from the Civil War-are unknown.

But I still wonder about this soldier. What was his name? Where did he come from? Which side of the war was he on, and did he survive?

However, there is a soldier I am familiar with. He brings me peace when I am going through struggles and trials in my life-as well as when things are calm. And he is not just from the past; he is also in the present time and the future. This soldier is my life here on earth, and we will also be together in eternity.

The name of this wonderful soldier is Jesus, and I am blessed to be a member of His army. While many of us do not have physical and mental scars from being in an actual war, we still have them from the life wars that all of us experience. But this wonderful Savior is the General who knows how to soothe them.

And in John 10:27-28 our “General” gives us instructions that I am happy to follow: “My sheep listen to my voice; I know them and they follow me. I give them eternal life, and they shall never perish; no one can snatch them out of my hand.”

Jesus, I will always salute You.


    *    *    *

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