The Best View


On the “WordPress” site where I have my blog, there is a way of checking to see how many times my posts have been viewed.

So one day I checked the number of views for one of my posts (I forgot which one it was). But doing this turned out to be a mistake because I saw that it had only a couple of views, and after seeing this I became discouraged. I started to wonder if I should even continue to have a blog if no one was reading the posts.

Holy Bible

God likes it when we read this book. (Photo credit:


After feeling bad and ruminating about this for one or two days I realized that there were some lessons in this for me. The first lesson: it is best not to check the views for any of my posts. I know that I will only feel bad again if there are a low number of views-or none at all.

The second lesson: when I publish a post I have no control over who reads it or how many people view it. And just because I do not get feedback on it does not mean that it has not been read.

And the third-and most-valuable lesson: if I like what I wrote and am pleased with it then that is what counts. Sure, it is nice when people let me know that they like my blog posts and photos. But I cannot be dependent on their opinions because then my feelings about my posts will be up and down.

All of this also has me wondering if God feels the same way about His words. They are neatly packaged up in a book for us to read and apply to our lives-and we know that this book is the Bible.

But how does God feel when we just push the Bible aside? Does He get discouraged? Unlike with a blog, God already knows how many views His words get each day. And I do not know if God is interested in how many “likes” He gets. I am sure that what He wants instead is to see us study His words, and then follow them in all areas of our life.

As for me, I love God’s words and I will always give them one big “Like.”


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The Trees Blessing

Three Trees

                I took this photo at Pavilion Shore Park in Novi, MI.

These trees will always have the blessing of overlooking beautiful Walled Lake in Michigan.


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Ducks and a Blue Star


I recently went back to Heritage Park-which, as I have mentioned before, is a wonderful nature park near my home-and I took some more photos. I have decided to share them with you, so I hope that you enjoy looking at them:


Four Ducks

Heritage Park in Farmington Hills, MI


         Having all of your ducks in a row (well, almost).



Blue Star

Heritage Park in Farmington Hills, MI


We can never honor our military enough. During World War II, a Blue Star was hung in the windows of military families.


Two Ducks

Heritage Park in Farmington Hills, MI


       Let’s follow the leader-but where to?


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Please Don’t Feed the Anxiety

For most of my adult life I have been struggling with anxiety and depression, as well as Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. I am on medications for each of these, which helps me up to a point. But the other half of my treatment involves doing cognitive therapy with which I use God’s wonderful words combined with focusing on Jesus.

I sometimes need to have one of my psychiatric medications adjusted due to a setback with this struggle. But in addition to the dosage increase, God had prompted me to come up with a list of five steps to help me deal with the depression/anxiety. I have titled this collection, “Please Don’t Feed the Anxiety,” and here are the steps:

  1. Don’t feed the anxiety by obsessing about things that I have no control over. Instead, I like to study and apply the lessons that I have learned from the book, “Brain Lock: Free Yourself from Obsessive-Compulsive Behavior” by Jeffrey M. Schwartz, M.D.
  2. Don’t feed the anxiety by worrying about tomorrow-I need to get into the habit of only focusing on today. And I will be able to do so by applying the various Bible verses that address worry and anxiety.
  3. Don’t feed the anxiety by omitting Jesus, no matter where I am or what I am doing. And when I forget, I just ask God to help me to refocus on Christ.
  4. Don’t feed the anxiety by ignoring Jesus’ “Clutter Box.” I like to picture Jesus holding out this box to me. He wants me to put my “mind clutter”-or anything else that distracts me from Him-into His box so that my mind will be clear and calm.
  5. Don’t feed the anxiety by allowing Satan-or what I call “The Negatives”-to stay in my mind. I am very blessed that I can let Jesus in so that He can evict The Negatives and their family of worries and negative thoughts. And when they came back, Jesus is more than happy to give them the boot yet again.

Now, I think it goes without saying that I will not be perfect with the above steps, nor will I be practicing them all at the same time. But I am working on learning them and in doing so I will get an increase of Jesus, whom I will always need just as much as I need my medications.



                     *    *    *



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Pointing Perfectly


   I took this photo at Nardin Park United Methodist Church in Farmington Hills, MI.


Perfect sky and perfect steeple, with the cross pointing upward toward our perfect Heavenly Father.


 *   *   *



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A Polished Faith


I do not like makeup but I do enjoy using nail polish to brighten up my fingernails.

Right now I alternate between three different colors of nail polish.

Nail Polish

I like any shade of blue but I find that the ‘Babe Blue” color looks just right on my fingernails.

Next is the “Disco Ball” glitter shade. It is not something that can be seen unless you look at it up close, but when you do it sure glitters and shines.

And third is the “Fuschia Power” color. It is a bright shade of red which lights up my fingernails-I bet that when I were it people can see me coming from a mile away (well, maybe half a mile).

I think that Jesus can be considered polish for my faith. Like my blue nail polish, He is just right for me. And even though my faith may not always be seen-just as with the “Disco Ball” polish-it still has a pleasant glitter and shine to it. In comparison with the red polish, Jesus lights up my life in a way that nothing else can.

And while I can remove the nail polish when I get tired of the color, I do not ever want to remove Jesus from my life.

So, what about you. Does Jesus shine in your life?



                                                         *   *   *



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New in Town?


Heritage Park in MI.

The new tree on the block.


 *   *   *

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