Don’t Hide but Seek



Most of us have asked this question at one time or another. (Photo Credit:

Recently, I misplaced one of my rings. I had no idea what happened to the ring-it was as if it just disappeared from my finger.

When I was searching for it I looked in my jewelry box, my car, the pockets of my clothes, and just about any place else that I could think of. But I had no luck in finding it so I finally gave up and figured that it was lost forever.

But one day I was lifting up one of the cushions on my sofa. And guess what I saw under the cushion? My ring! I do not remember how the ring got there, but I am just glad that I found it.

I think this is also what happens with my faith sometimes. It is not that I quit believing in God; it is more like I do not seek Him.

For example, I had been having pain and discomfort from a medical procedure that I had in April of this year, and at times it was hard for me to see God through the pain. And this was not because He was not here with me-He was just as much here as He is all the other times. Rather, my being blind to Him was because I focused on the pain instead, and I let it become a spiritual fog (and this also happens with anything negative going in in my life).

So, when I find myself in this “fog” I feel a sense of comfort knowing that-unlike with my ring-I do not need to search all over the place for God. I can just sit quietly in prayer, or read God’s words, and then once again my connection with God returns.

And a reminder for me that God never leaves can be found in the following verse from 2 Corinthians 15:2: “The Lord is with you when you are with him, he will be found by you; but if you forsake him, he will forsake you.”

Yes, there is nothing better for me to find than my precious Lord.

*   *   *

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The Five Sculptures

Most of you know by now that my favorite haunts are libraries.

Each of the five libraries in my area that I enjoy visiting has a sculpture that fascinates me. So I would like to share my photos of these sculptures with you:

Southfield Public Library

Southfield Public Library, MI

They sure know how to honor Mark Twain (I think he is reading “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer”).



Farmington Comm. Library

Farmington Community Library, MI

Be careful on that rope, fella. Don’t fall.



Lilvonia C.C.Library

Livonia Civic Center Library, MI

So, what are you two reading? The dog seems interested in the book, too.



Bloomfield Township Publlic LIbrary

Bloomfield Township Public Library, MI

Is the child going to read that book or hit the man over the head with it?



Novi Public Library

Novi Public Library, MI

There are three children but only two books. It looks like one of them will have to share.



                                                            *   *   *

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Happy Birthday to Msmcword

Fifth Birthday

Where has the time gone? (Photo Credit: )


This month marks a special anniversary for me: my blog turned five years old (the date was on May 7).

So, happy birthday to you, msmcword. I am thankful that you will always be waiting for me because I have still have plenty of thoughts and opinions to share with you.


 *  *  *


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My Two Bunnies

My Two Bunnies

Esther Bunny (left) and Bunny Ann (right) agree that Beatrix Potter (1866-1943) was chock-full of imagination as both a writer and an artist.

But they are disappointed to know that her most famous story, “The Tale of Peter Rabbit,” is not based on them.


 *   *   *


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I Dream of George with the Dark Brown Hair


The late portrait artist Gilbert Stuart (1755-1828) painted several pictures of President George Washington-including the well-known one that was never finished.

But here is a photo of my modernized version of another of Gilbert Stuart’s portraits of George Washington:


George Washington

Hey, George, Who Does Your Hair?



I darkened his hair to brown, and you may not be able to see them but I also gave him green eyes.

And while I was at it I included gold plaid on his coat.

I wonder how Martha would have liked his new looks.


 *   *   *









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Good Riddance to Winter


Winter’s Last Hurrah?


When winter finally takes its leave, I will welcome spring with open arms.


  *   *   *

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Welcome to Playaway Land

I have taken yet another step forward in my walk with modern technology. Well, actually it is two steps. On Valentine’s Day of this year I sent my very first text (one of my cousins was the lucky recipient).

And the second step was a couple of weeks later, when I was at the library and found yet another way to listen to audiobooks.

This newest audiobook is called a Playaway. It is a device where the book on it is self-contained-it is not necessary to transfer anything to a different device before listening to it. All you have to do is take it out of its holder, insert one AAA battery, and plug in an earphone. You are then ready to listen to the book.

Playaway.JPG What will they think of next?

The device itself is about the size of an iPod. It has a small LCD screen which gives you the length-in hours and minutes-of the story as well as the track-or chapter-that you are on. In addition, you are able to fast forward or reverse your spot in the chapter (either the complete chapter or the part you just listened to). You can also control the speed of the narration of the story.

For me, the biggest advantage of the Playaway is that the book stays in the device, so I do not have to deal with the annoying scratches or worn spots that are usually found on compact discs that have been used by a number of people over the years.

I checked one of the “Playway” books out of the library. The book had a collection of very short pieces form National Public Radio in which various people talk about true-life experiences they had with vacations, and I enjoyed listening to the stories.

As much as I enjoy reading printed words-and I usually do better with seeing the words-there are times when I like to give my eyes a rest and let my ears do the work. And the library has several other Playaway audio books that are similar to the one I borrowed-they have short non-fiction stories that are not much longer than five or ten minutes. So I am looking forward to seeing-or, rather, hearing-what will be talked about in them.

And while I am excited that I am able to use the library to take part in new technology, I am also thankful that God is not “high tech.” I can stay close to Him with just a simple prayer or praise-and no batteries will ever be needed.


  *   *   *






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